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Argentina is known the world over for its quality meat, however the Asado is more than just a BBQ. It is an important social gathering for friends and family to spend time together over the delicious charcoal roasted food, with a malbec or fernet in hand.

We want to share this Argentinian family tradition with Newcastle so you can experience the smells, the tastes and the good times that an Asado brings. Each Sunday keep toasty by the fire while watching the asador (BBQ master) in action.

A delicious dinner, plus FREE live music and happy hour from 5pm. So far we have featured amazing Newcastle talent including Coconut Trio, NANO, Joao Mendes, Dave Javier, CrocQ, The Buzzard Mix, Arley Black, Matt Mclaren, Jerome O'Connor & Kylie Jane.
Bookings recommended.